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Administration Services

Poland as an EU member, located in central Europe, representing a huge market potential, with its higly educated, young labor force, fast developing economy and low interests rates seems to be an ideal place for locating a business.

Although constantly changing, complicated laws regulating business, long queues in offices, difficulties with preparing documents are some of the problems that business people have to strugle every day. Thanks to Alphas's comprehensive administration service you can avoid time consuming bureaucracy and fully concentrate on the most important - developing your business!


Our offer to small business as well as to just establishing companies is   to perform  following tusks  diligently and at reasonable prices  

Company registration -      limited partnership,  limited joint stock partnership
limited liability company,  joint-stock company
commercial activity permit
verification of job, lease and other types of contracts
certificate of no criminal records
Tax and Social Security (ZUS) certificates of no outstanding debts
Virtual office
KRS (court registration)
NIP (Tax number)
Regon (statistic number)